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What is Soft Shield?

  • Similar to Armor Skin, Soft Shield is a peel and stick
    protective barrier that eliminates potential scratch hazards, sharp edges and gives an eye appealing finish.
  • An aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive backing
    ensures a long lasting bond to virtually any
  • Soft Shield is offered with or with out PSA backing and comes in many different colors: (Black, Blue, Camel, Charcoal, Coronation, Flame Red, Hunter Green, Oyster, Platinum Silver, Royal Blue, Spanish Red, Sterling Grey, Walnut, White and Yellow)

Easily & Quickly Protect Surfaces, Products and Sharp Edges Using SDP’s Soft Shield!

Specifications Include

  • Breaking Strength: 97.50 LBS
  • Tear Strength: 11.60 LBS
  • Abrasion Test: 100,000 Double Rubs (Class A certified)
  • Class A Fire Rating

What Are Some Different Uses?

  • Returnable dunnage racks
  • Edge Protection
  • Painted Part Contact Barrier
  • Plastic Corrugated Dividers
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