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  • Armor Skin is a peel and stick
    protective barrier that allows maximum
    flexibility while maintaining a durable structure.
  • An aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive backing
    ensures a long lasting bond to virtually any
  • Armor Skin is offered in four different textures:
    (Diamond Plate, Heavy Coarse, Light Grit, Gloss)
  • Need a different color? No problem! We can offer
    any basic color, just tell us what you need!
  • Similar to Armor Skin, Soft Shield is a peel and stick
    protective barrier that eliminates potential scratch hazards, sharp edges and gives an eye appealing finish.
  • An aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive backing
    ensures a long lasting bond to virtually any
  • Soft Shield is offered with or with out PSA backing and comes in many different colors: (Black, Blue, Camel, Charcoal, Coronation, Flame Red, Hunter Green, Oyster, Platinum Silver, Royal Blue, Spanish Red, Sterling Grey, Walnut, White and Yellow)
  • Poly-Board is a proven alternative to dense XLPE,
    rubber, HDPE, and plastic corrugated.
  • This product starts as high grade plywood, layerd
    to a specified thickness, CNC machined and then
    coated by a polyurea barrier.
  • Our SDP team has over 30 years of experience designing packaging solutions.
  • We are set up with the most up to date 3D and 2D modeling programs to handle anything and everything!
  • No design is too big or too small for us to manage, from ground up returnable racking and dunnage designs to expendable packaging

Plastic Corrugated Boxes and Bins

Plastic Corrugated is leading the world in versatility. At SDP we take advantage of that by offering high strength reusable or disposable plastic corrugated boxes and bins ranging from a 6x6x6 size all the way up to 48x40x36 Gaylord style boxes. Utilizing different gauges starting at 2mm all the way up to 10mm provides an incredible range of flexibility and durability.

Dunnage Rack Repairs and Modifications

Have old dunnage racks you would like to repurposed for a new project? No worries, we are your one stop shop for redesigning, modifying and repurposing old racks. All we need is a few pieces of information, an old rack and a new part and we will handle the rest! We can supply all CAD data for the new project including bill of materials and a physical prototype for approval.

We are also capable of reverse engineering old dunnage if it has become damaged while in use and the original CAD data cannot be retrieved. Our engineering team can make quick work of reproducing broken or missing plastic, metal and/or foam parts.