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30 Years Of Expendable Packaging


SDP has taken pride in providing our clients with customized expendable packaging for years. No matter what you are shipping, we are here to help by designing expendable packs that will protect your product, be cost effective and easily disposable.


Expendable packaging is mostly used for one-way or non-returnable shipments. It is an affordable, simple, and environmentally friendly method for safely protecting products during transit.


  • Die Cut Foams (Polyethene, Polyurethane)
  • Convoluted Polyurethane pads
  • Anti-Static Polyethene / Polyurethane
  • Conductive Polyethene / Polyurethane
  • Class-A grade foams / scrims
  • Corrugated Cartons
  • Hexacomb Die Cuts / Blocks
  • Wood
  • Bags

Simplified and universal designs help save money and streamlines the product packing process.

Expendable packaging is designed to be broken down and discarded with ease!

SDP has eco-friendly material types at our finger tips. From highly recycled foams to biodegradable paper products, we have an environmental friendly solution for you!

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